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Matthew Ebebhoahon


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2-5 year

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Work Visa with NOC



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Computer (Microsoft Office, Internet browsing); Supervisory;Leadership; Recruitment; Administrative; Analytical; Workplace Safety; Accounting; Planning.


I do not over-promise and under-deliver. What you want is what I will do and if given the opportunity, I will modify the existing strategy if not good enough to give me the best result which you will appreciate considering your task. In my current work, I have been able to put in place necessary accounting records as well as files and policies which were not in operation as at when I resumed as the Accountant/Admin Officer. My job function becomes easy because I designed formats for record purposes using Microsoft office which is the only accounting related software available in the establishment at the present. This and more are strategies that I will bring to your notable company to make a difference and enhance your profit. From my last work where I accepted the offer to work as a company representative with logistic and administrative duties, I was able to prove to the directors that taking decision with existing and not re-defined policy was a wrong idea which could lead to the end of any establishment. Also, making the director accept the fact that combating corrupt/ fraudulent practices should be done without personal influence. These points, as observed within 1year of my resumption, manifested when the number of available trucks dropped from 12 to 7 and as well the income generated dropped making it difficult to pay salaries and other maintenance cost. This was because drivers and maintenance engineers developed poor maintenance culture which was ignored by the director because of existing personal relationship with the maintenance team.

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